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tv   Local 10 News 430AM  ABC  March 23, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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a deadly police-involved shooting in palm meadow. this was the scene along 8xth place. police say the 25-year-old man was using a pick axe to break his neighbor's car windows and puncture their tires. six cars in tote were damaged when police arrived. when they confronted him, they still had that pick axe. he was killed there at the scene. stay with for the very latest updates. now the very latest on the terror in brussels. two brothers involved in the deadly attacks have been identified. >> the two believed to be involved in setting off explosions in the airport anan subway station. this morning there's a man hunt for the terror suspect. molly hunr reports from brussels. >>reporter: as the sun rises over the city of brussels 24 hours ago, chaos here erupting right in the heart of the
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the firgt target athe brussels innocent airport outside the check point. the terminal filled with smoke, people frantically running for safety. >> after the second explosion, so many people panicked, so many people cried. >>reporter: the explosions so powerful, blasts shattering, ceiling collapsing, hundreds of injuries. among them nine americans including these three m mmon missionaries from utah. just an hour after the airport explosion seven miles away, another suicide bomb blast, this time near the offices the european union. e aftermath, a twisted mass of metal. >> when i was outside i just saw two people with heads likik really covered with blood. >>reporter: this morning the man hunt for the man you see on your
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him as the suspect in the airport attack. the other two men believed to be suicide bombers. >> unfortunately there were probably more cells in belgium, maybe cells that were kept separate intentionally from this unit, cells that the first cell did not even know about may still be out there. >>reporter: this morning bomb experts focused on the aftermath of those explosive sites and the state department warning& americans against travel to europe saying terrorists are planning attacks right now. holly hunter, abc news, brussels. belgians and others were visiting the coverage. they took off right detonated. >>reportrt: a father and daughter reunited and in tears. >> i'm emotional. just want to get home already. >>rerorter: relatives holding their loved ones a little tighter at mia.
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harsh and bitter truth, their flight left an airport in brussels roughly nine minutes before a series of terror attacks. >> woke up this morning think can i put my mom on the fight, bought her a ticket and it's pretty much my fault. >>reporter: roxanne says s e didn't even know if her mother made it safely on that plane, so for hours many on the ground waed forward while those on board had no idea until they stopped in orlando. >> it just started to spread out throughout the plane and them we saw there were about 20 coco outside. >> just had to wait and said thanks. >>reporter: a bit of comfort seeing friends unharmed and okay but this deadly day out of brussels airport and subway station still hitting hard for many who wonder what's next. >> these are innocent people. it's a crazy world.
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they had to stop in sanford, florida for a few hours. they were also getting in touch with loved ones there to let them know they were okay. also we know all these flights headed to that airport in brussels, they are being rerouted to oer airports in that area. >> reporting in mia, i'm andrew perez, local 10 news. >> stay with us for continue it go coverage of the attack in brussels.. we'll have more ahead at 5:00. a falal alarm at the denver international airport after the airport was evacuated. a canine was then called in and got hit. butnvestigators say those packages contain just spices and oils and belong to a family traveling to vietnam. the all clear was given. now to new york city where there was a huge fire on tuesday. no injuries reported after a kitchen fire in grand central station.
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started in the kitchen ducts causing smoke to pour out of the building. crews were able to put out theire shortly president barack obamaa delivered a speech in cuba. a rare spring exhibition game filled with similar bowlism and hopes for the future. by most accounts the president's trip was a >> calvin hughes leads our team coveragag from havana. >>reporter: wheels up for president obama as he leaves cuba with raul castro looking on. a dramatic exit after a world wind 48 hours of sight-seeing, bileral meetings, baseball and diplas. >> i have come here to bury the last remnant of the cold war in the americans. >>reporter: the president giving an address directly to the cuban people carried live on state-run tv.
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miles from florida, but to get here we had to travel a great distance over barriers of history and ideolog, barriers of pain and separation. >>reporter: among those watching the president back in south florida, the chairman the cuban national american foundation who helped carry the president's historic speech directly to cubans. >> that we are not your obstacle, that we are your friend, your ally, we'll be here to trade with you, support you, help you build businesses, it breaks a mindset. >>reporter: obama tried to spread a message of shared values. >> for all of our differences, cubans and americans share a sense of patriotism and pride, a lot of pride. >>reporter: a long-time cubub diplomat said obama delivered
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must act. >> obama invites us to turn the page, but it's different because guantanamo's there, the embargo is there. we would like to avoid them but you have to take it off the table. >>reporter: americans and cubans share a favorite pass time, baseball. cameras show obama and stro sitting side by side at the baseball game. espn interviewed his about reaching out. >> if you have more americans traveling, more commerce, more interaction. if our ideas and our culture isenetrating this society that over time, that gives us morep leverage to advocate for the values we care about. >> before the game obama met with disdense at the
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>> i'm not satisfied but i feel good because i was able to express how i fl. >>reporter: the historic baseball team ending in cuba with the tampa bay rays taking a win. 50,000 people there to watch. hatzel vela continues our team coverage. >>reporter: in a packed stadium with tight security no doubt but nothing could get in the way of baseball. a love affair for both america and cuba. and, boy, do they have a long-term relationship. >> it's a magical moment. >>reporter: father and son knew it all too well. >> i'm 57, my pop's 87. he raised us a three sons to be baseball players. it's just really really special to be here. >>rerter: we met them weeksing what we were in cuba. >> a lot of good memories.
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hey, baseball season was on. the bus is overloaded, you know, baseball people, the cubans. >>reporter: this is his firsttime back. >> it's an experience the president being here also, you know. it is something else. >>reporter: mario al born in tampa but with a cuban soul. >> this is their moment. this is our moment. >>reporter: with hope from his culture and his people. >> you can see on their faces they are more hopeful than they've been in years. >>reporter: both sides tell us baseball is the greatqualizer, countries together. >>reporter: maybe it's the beginning of something new. >> andndhat was hatzel vela reporting. the rolling stones coming to cuba now, sending a message to the cuban people.
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>> a free concert that's expected to draw hundreds of thousands of fans. guess what, local 10 will still be there covering it. a safety alert in coral gables. a man is wanted for sexual battery. he's described as a man in his 30s about five foot seven, five foot nine. police say he attacked a woman last sunday. police say he grabbed her along grenada boulevar neighbors say they may have visited their neighborhood before. >> you saw someone that ordinarily i wouldn't see down our block. at first it startled me because i thought of the news o what we had seen the day before. he's seemed to somewhat resemble that description. >> once again this is a sketch of the man police are looking for this morning. anyone with any information should call the miami-dade crimestoppers at 305-471-tips. the veryiggest
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trump takes the win with 47% earning 58 delegates. ted cruz comes in second with 24%. and here are the results on the democratic side, hillary clinton takes arizona with8% earning 94 delegates while bernie sanders earns 39%. that gets him 27 delegates. and just in overnight the results from the utah caucus. on the democratic side sanders wins 18 delegates with 76% of the vote. meanwhile hillary clinton gets 23% so that means she will earnn six delegates. in utah the repupuican primary ted cruz wins 76% of the vote taking all of the state's 40 delegates. john kasich second with 17. in the idaho democratic caucuses, bernie sanders claiming 78% of the vote. there you can see hillary clinton getting 21%. the president's visit to cuba sure stirred up strong
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sports figures. >> how one is using his platform as a national cuban-americans. we'll have a check of the radar, how hot it
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too early to havett2watu#@m4 bt@qu)d tt2watu#@m4 "a@qe% tt2watu#@m4 bm@qn., tt4watu#@m4 " dztq ]:h tt4watu#@m4 " entq ->( tt4watu#@m4 " gzt& 49p tt4watu#@m4 " hnt& $7< tt4watu#@m4 " iztq n^d tt4watu#@m4 " jntq \.$ tt4watu#@m4 " lzt& dcx welcome back to local 10. for one south florida's force personality sure was personal because raul castro was with& president obama in the stands. >> many are angry with the busy. his parents fled oppression in cuba. clay ferraro joins us with more. it hurts to watch. >>reporter: strong emotions in south florida as a major league baseball team takes the field in cuba. >> seeing the president hugely comfortable at a cuban baseball stadium, waving, smiling, photo
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>porter: dan who has been critical of the president's visit has used his platform as a national talk show host on espn radio uses his voice for cuban americans. >> my mother's phones were tapped. there were government spies in the neighborhood who would come into our house whenever they wanted to. she was chased in the streets because she was going to the service of someone killed by the government. >>reporter: fernandez feels mixed emotions as a major league team takes the field in cuba. >> i think that that's the main goal here. >> we all know there's a bunchh of talent over there.
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come. he's been outspoken that the way this trip has been handled is not the best way to do it. >> i'm not against the game. i'm not against the ide of trying to bring about change. i'm against the idea of trusting the cuban government which has blood on its hands. that's clay ferraro reporting. let's get you a check of your forecast now as you head out on this wednesday. it is going to be nice. today is a transition of the cooler stuff monday and tuesday and cooler weather sliding in our direction. the radar is quiet from key west all the way up
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it's definitely been a wet start to 2016. so far miami picking up almost 11 inches. normally we should be around six, ft. lauderdale 11.7. normal we should be just shy of nine. some of the cooler spots are kendall at 66. pembroke pines and hialeah just a a touch warmer at 67 degrees. 70 right now in pompano beach and ft. lauderdale. everyone will see this east wind today pick up between 15 and 20 miles per hour later on this afternoon. and with that easterly breeze we'll see our temperatures climb. we'll fall a degree or two here right after sunrise. you can see rain chance stays very, very low throughout the morning and afternoonours. the setup, big area of high pressure sitting between the coastline and the carolinas and bebeuda. that will bring in the easterly wind. alltays well in the northern parts of the midwest and northern plains. as we go through the next couple of days, the storm system is bringing heavy snow from rapid
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our rain chance but for today will stay breezy and warm as that easterly wind continues& and a surge of moisture will work in our forecast starting morrow. that's going to increase our rain chance 50 to 60%. showers and thunderstorms expected as we go throughout your thursday. water temperatures 75. that rip crent chance is high as that easterly winds will be kicking here across south florida. look at the afternoon highs here as we get toward good friday. 96 on thursday. 87 on friday avmentz we head into easter weekend, thing don't change much. it will be hot and humidity. overnight lows will stay in the mid 70s. >> trent, thank you. a stolen truck and police both in hot pursuit. >> the chase quickly turns very dangerous. cameras they are rolling
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one person hospitalized, two others arrested after a police chase in texas. two suspects s sle that pick-up truck right there after putting a n to the driver's head. theyeyere led on a chase in houston. that's where the truck slammed into other vehicle. a woman assault on surveillance video in detroit pulling a gun on a driver in a gas station. people arguing right before that womanulls out the gun. a man knocked to the ground, almost run o or by a car that try to see speed off. she actually fired several shots at the driver of that car who was hit but is expected to survive his injuries. a texas teenager disappeared during a spring break concert. this is 18-year-old justin herby walker. the mexican consulate has been notified.
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>>reporter: good morning. i'm clay ferraro with your local 10 morning sports wrap. it was vital for the heat to get a win last night. the pelicans are bad enough but with two players out, the heat had to get this one in new orleans. dwayne wade and the heat trying to take control josh richardson driving down two of his six points.
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the fourth quarter but wade puts it away. he goes for 25 to lead miami. now it's on to san antonio. >> everybody know about their crowd and home record. just try to go in there and gege a tough road win and do what nobody else could have done. > baseball and that historic game between the rays and the cuban national team. that is out of here, makes it 3-0 tampa bay. holds the national team scoreless until rudy reyes changes that. tampa bay 4-1 over the cuban national team. i'm clay ferraro and that's your local 10 morning sports wrap. we do continue to follow the terror in brussels. that is where the death toll has risen to 34 ter attacks at an airport and subway station. >> coming up we're arning the identities of two of the suicide bombers believed to be
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all this as the man right now at 5:00, terror in brussels. the man hunt continues as we learn the identities for suicide bombers. eaking overnight a man shot and killed by police. the weapon they say he was hold and why they were forced to fire. president obama wrapping up an historic visit to cuba. the message he had for the cuban people. vote 2016. the primary results are in. who swept arizona and utah taking home the delegates. good morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. we have a lot of stories to get to in just a moment on this wednesday morning. but first we have to talk about the weather. i took the dogs out this morning. >> how did it go?
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was like i don't need to get a robe. >> if only you knew a weatherman. as you stete outside, it is mild out there today. temperatures are on the rise as we go through the next couple of days look ago cross the magic city, it is nice. a little more humidity and some warmth over the next couple of days. our afternoon highs will go from 70 where we are on monday to 87 degrees by the time tomorrow afternoon rolls aroun good news is you start that commute around town this morning, things are quiet. rain is expected to be low, at least a chance of that between zero and 10% for the morning. the east wind has picked up just a touch already between 10 and 15 later on this afternoon between 15 and 20. the highest wind speed in miami at 14. key west at 67. 71 in miami. as w go throughout the day, we'll fall just a degree or two before sunrise which comes
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maxing out today around 85 degrees. thanks so much. traveling on t i this morning, we're looking great. i-95 at 155th street. no issues here. a really bad crash off the turnpike affecting both northbound and southbound lanes near pembroke road and hollywood boulevard. a semi truck crashed into a median there. we know two southbobod lanes and one northbound lane is closed.d. northbound lanes, those speeds are really slow, at about 16 miles per hour. our southbound lanes also at a crawl with 15 miles per hour and it's early. so for those speeds tobe coming in at 5:01, you know this is going to be a problem spot. i would take 441 instead. that's near the turnpike extension. if you're t traveling in miami-dade county another crash to get to. this one offf tamiami


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